Service Line Coverage and Homeowners Insurance

You may not know that the plumbing and underground wiring that brings water, power, data and communications to your home is your responsibility! Despite the city or town providing these services, homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and repair costs for these service lines should something go wrong. And generally, your homeowners insurance only covers the pipes and wires where they connect to your house! It can be VERY expensive to rip up and trench your lawn (or driveway!) to find and fix the problem.

For a small additional premium, you can add Service Line Insurance Coverage to your Homeowners Insurance policy with many insurance companies. This new coverage protects you from unforeseen repairs and replacement of underground pipes and wiring that bring water, power and data to your home. Coverage generally includes: repair of damaged service line, excavation costs, loss of use coverage, additional living expenses, and damage to outdoor property due to the necessary repairs and replacement of damaged service lines.

This coverage can be very enticing if you live in a city, or in an area where the infrastructure is old or outdated. But even in a newer neighborhood where there are newer water mains or underground power lines, it would be worthwhile to add this coverage. Any idea what it would cost a contractor to tear up and repair your driveway, walkway or lawn? No one wants to find out the hard way!

This is a good thing to check with your agent to see if your Homeowners Insurance includes this coverage.