Summer Tips to Avoid Water Damage

With summer being a popular time for vacations, here are some valuable tips to avoid costly water damage to your home:

  1. Clean your gutters and downspouts.
  2. Turn off the Water Main Valve. Be sure to test faucets, if you’ve never done this before.
  3. Shut off Water Supply Valves. If you can’t shut off your water main, due to having a sprinkler system or if someone needs to come water your plants, shut off the valves to toilets/sinks/icemaker, etc.
  4. Replace supply lines. Change out any plastic lines for stainless steel ones. Very inexpensive to do this.
  5. Test the sump pump. Very simple to do this. Fill up your sump pit with a bucket of water to see if it is really working.
  6. Ask someone to check on your home while you’re away!

And then, enjoy your vacation!