Car insurance & Accident Forgiveness

We are often asked: Can I get Accident Forgiveness on my car insurance policy? If I don’t have this option, how much will my insurance go up after an accident?

The first question is easier to answer: Yes, many companies offer this. The cost to add this option, and it is an option not automatic, can be inexpensive for some companies but more expensive with others. Its best to ask your agent for a quote.

The second question is more difficult to answer, since an “at-fault” accident will affect your rates in different ways. For instance, a younger driver will be more likely to see a greater increase in rates than a more seasoned driver.

Generally, it is a better idea, and for more stable future car insurance costs, to include the cost of Accident Forgiveness on your policy, if you can get it. The cost to add it is much easier on your wallet, then an at-fault accident will be.