Dog Bite Liability Claims

Your homeowners insurance policy includes “Personal Liability” Coverage. Review your policy to see if it includes up to $300,000 or $500,000 of liability coverage. If you get sued for someone’s injuries, your policy will pay to defend you (attorney’s fees!) and for a judgment against you up to the policy limit. So if your dog bites someone, whether in your home, at the park or on the street, your homeowners insurance policy covers you for your legal liability. This is why many homeowners insurance companies want to know IF you have a dog, and if so, WHAT breed of dog do you have. Many insurance companies may not offer you coverage if the breed of dog is on their list of more aggressive types.

An independent agent, who represents many companies, should have a company available to you, even if others say no. It is important to be honest about the breed of dog you own, and make sure the company agrees to insure you. Dog bite liability claims cost the insurance companies a lot of money in claims costs. In the year 2016 alone, the Insurance Information Institute recorded these figures for the state of New Jersey:

537 dog bite claims, paying out over $28 Million!

Just another reason to be sure your Homeowners Insurance is in place.